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Congratulations to Jessica and Makala Rachels who have just had their book published! Natalie Bug: My Life with Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a great book for teaching kids and parents alike about CMV. It’s available now through Amazon!

In other news, the world has been reeling over another virus, Covid-19. As an emergency response to Covid, specified funds for CMV awareness in Idaho have been frozen since March, 2020. However, CMV information is still available by contacting us here at the website or though National CMV or the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. If you know a woman who is pregnant or plans to become pregnant, please tell them about CMV. Spending more time than ever at home with our families could make some women more at-risk than ever when it comes to engaging in high-risk activities (ie. sharing food and drink.)



A whole new approach to CMV awareness is being launched. Say hello to CMVirus. “Don’t let the one you have infect the one you have on the way.”


June is CMV Awareness Month, so what better time to host our biggest fundraiser and awareness event of the year?


You are invited to A SUMMER Kickoff Party at Circustrix Nampa! June 5th 4pm-6pm

Hosted By Keira Hall’s family and the Idaho CMV Advocacy Project

Standard Rates Apply, but 20% of proceeds go to a great cause!


We aren’t fooling! Idaho CMV is now officially affiliated with the National CMV Foundation! This is going to help us to extend our reach and influence in Idaho! Donations to Idaho CMV will now be tax deductible through National CMV. All donations will go towards our education and prevention efforts! Our goal this year is $5000. Please consider supporting us!

Donate Here


On this final day of CMV Awareness Month, we are so excited to announce that our biggest endeavor so far has come to fruition! The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has added CMV information to their website and produced their own CMV awareness materials. Hooray! Check it out right here!


How wonderful to see CMV featured this week by the CDC! Awareness is increasing, we can feel it! Check it out here:



This morning, the Idaho CMV Advocacy Project was featured on KRFY radio’s morning show! They discussed CMV and what the Project is working on these days. Click here to listen to the podcast:

Here they are in action!


We’ve been hard at work creating CMV awareness materials! This year, our focus will be on distributing materials to childcare centers, since childcare workers are a high risk population for being exposed to CMV.

We have bad news and good news. The bad news is that our grassroots project cannot afford to distribute our materials across the whole states. Members of our team are passing out the information in our own neighborhoods.

The good news is that YOU have our permission to print and distribute these materials if you would like. Access the materials for FREE right HERE! OR, if you would like us to send you a FREE awareness kit, just contact us by emailing and we will deliver/mail you a kit as soon as possible while supplies last.

CMV Prevention Kits! Ready to be delivered to select childcare centers in Nampa! Contact us if you want one!


June is CMV Awareness Month in Idaho!

With the help of Senator Abby Lee and the other Idaho legislators, June has officially been adopted as CMV Awareness Month in the state of Idaho. June has previously been named CMV awareness month nationally, but adding the designation for our state, specifically, serves to add an increased level of emphasis and awareness. This article denotes the specific awareness activities that the Advocacy Project is working on as June quickly approaches.



Why does CMV get so much less news coverage than Zika? Great article published by Health News Review.



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